I wonder sometimes if my role in this world is to add counterbalance to the chipper, positive, hopeful, blind-to-the-consequences world. It is my lot, apparently, to state the things that nobody wants to acknowledge, to inject reality into the little platitudes that we say to ourselves and to each other to prop up our false hopes.

If your goal is to keep your nose clean, then going through life with the sniffles is not the way to go about it. You may be able to hock and snort and swallow yourself into some form of nasal clearing, but sometimes you have to actually blow the snot out to get a clear head. That is what I hope to do, to metaphorically remind you to blow your nose.

So if you find me making broad statements about how to go about life, that’s me on my mission. Even two decades hence, I’m still on the pulpit, still on the soap box, still trying to tell people how to live the right way. It’s a dick move, sure, but I apparently live my life to serve as a warning to others.

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