Best Laid Plans, Made Known

So, it’s done. It’s finally over. After nine latent years, my Glass Door song “Best Laid Plans” is polished, posted, and ready for the harsh criticism of the faceless Internet.

I wrote it impromptu-style in 2002 during a dark period, and it shows. After languishing raw on my hard drive for years, I had enough of the anxiety and felt that it had to be published. In the past months of reworking and remixing it, I’ve gone back and forth on the sound, never happy with it. Finally, I pushed it into the right direction and decided that I was too tired to keep tweaking it. I had enough, the song had enough, and so there it is.

A song is where the musician got tired of mixing the music.

I’ve been sitting on this song for so long because it was raw and way too personal. I recorded it in one take, but it has taken the better part of a decade (most of that it sat motionless) until I was ready to show it. In public, I make a point of putting forth a manly, strong, guarded front, and the original spoken words for the song were too honest, too unprotected. I just could not, in all bravery, put it out there. So I had to rewrite the words, put some distance between my ego and the words, bring it to some sort of generic applicability to the everyman listening. Even still, there’s some of me in there — there has to be — but it’s a little more bearable.

All things told, I am actually that lonesome at times. If you’ve been reading all along, you’d know that all too well. I do crave the company of other people, but something in the metal-on-metal execution of my life leaves me unable to make that happen without unease. And so there I am, with “these lonesome ways of my soul.”

Published by Shawn

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