Happy Alone Together

Let it be said that when I am at a table by myself with a book, when I am alone in my apartment working on a project, when I am driving a lonesome road with the music, I am truly happy and sufficiently content.

At the same stroke, I am also terribly lonely and mildly discontent at the spectre of being alone every time I am in these happy places.

It is from being around people that I manage to stay grounded in reality, that I somehow retain my ability to talk, to formulate coherent sentences to convey meaning and message without noise or babble. The more I am alone, the less coherent my thoughts become until the conversations are all in my head and you only hear what leaks out.

So how do I reconcile these two polar extremes? What is the middle ground between being happy with productivity and being not lonely?

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  1. As my constant companion these days isn’t much of a conversationalist yet, I often feel myself not being able to hold down a conversation with J when he gets home at night. I realize I spent most of my adult life in cafes or communal housing where getting a moment alone was something to relish and now that I am on my own with Mia and not able to get around too easily I miss company.

    So, I have no spectacular advice on how to resolve the paradox of productivity and the ability to produce coherent sentences, but maybe plan activities with people and plan productivity? Maybe that way you can figure out the right balance for yourself.

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