People are talking about this Occupy Wall Street thing. How it’s the first true grass-roots, decentralized, Internet-based movement of the people. Is it? I don’t know. It’s too big to see all the component parts and to locate the strings being pulled. Follow the money, I say.

Thing is, not even people who are in the movement know what the movement stands for. There’s been no central voice, no unifying rally cry other than to bring down the greed and redistribute the big money to everybody. Sure, that sounds great. The 1% at the top are taking and conniving and twisting their ways into higher profits. Bigger is better, right? Isn’t that the American way?

I don’t know how I feel about this whole thing. On the one idealist hand, I’d like to see a little more equality between the classes and a redistribution of power, and maybe even some accountability for those at the top. But my realist hand reminds me that I work for a Fortune 500 company whose profits are affected greatly by the rumblings on the market. What is a corporation? It’s a body of people in the business of making money, feeding their own greed to accumulate more than they need for survival. Without greed, there’s little impetus to exceed our horizons.

Things in this country suck; I’ll admit that. It’s tough to make a living without making serious sacrifices on quality of life. But imagine how bad it would be if Occupy Wall Street actually manages to bring down the top 1%.

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