Just about every road out of here, I’ve explored
Scattering to the four winds, I’ve been there
All around this town, I’ve lived, I’ve learned
and the road leads on…

Just about every corner of this town, I’ve turned
Looking under every stone, I’ve found all things
Going out far from this place, I’ve loved, I’ve dreamed
and life goes on…

And if the well should run dry
I’ll pack my things and leave
If eternity should die
I’ll know what to believe
If pebbles should fly
They’ll do it in my wake
If I should wonder why
Then how much can I take
from here?

Should I lie fallow now, death describes me
Letting my root wither, thunder shakes the tree
All truth found tough to swallow, I’m choking on the bone
and so my search reaches on…

Should my friends keep me here, shall I be bored to tears?
Resting in the corner, silencing the virtue of all those years
I set my foot down for the liquid ground beyond
and the walk marches on…

And if my hope should run out
I know my friends are with me there
If the suffocation is too great
I can breathe in the air
If the stars should blur the night
We’ll watch them where we are
If the heaven we find is right
We’ll know that it is far
from here!

(September, 1996)

Published by Shawn

He's just this guy, you know?