The Chills Are Alive

♫ Futurepop, Ambient, Chillout, and Dream / These are a few of my favorite streams! ♫

  • Digitally-Imported: DI has a wide-ranging selection of electronic music streams, but the free versions get lower bitrate and jarring advertisement drops.
  • Blue Mars: These streams are the love project of a guy named Lone; they were off the air for a while during the bad old Internet-streaming copyright wars, but are back. His playlists feature a handful of select artists, but sometimes you’ll hear new stuff. Very good for being not in your head.
    • Blue Mars: “In Memory of Earth”. Space music to travel the stars.
    • Cryosleep: “Zero Beat, Guaranteed” This is the most ambient of ambient. Nothing is more mellow.
  • Digital Gunfire: “Long Range, Hard Hitting.” Futurepop, Darkwave, Industrial. Sometimes hard, sometimes aggro, sometimes hopeful. I fucking love this station. Listener-supported.
  • Soma FM: Unique in that they have a strong selection of electronic and non-electronic streams. Top-notch music directors. Entirely listener-supported. My favorite streams:
    • Drone Zone: “Serve best chilled. Safe with most medications.” My other go-to ambient stream.
    • Doomed: “Dark industrial/ambient music for tortured souls.” You’ll hear stuff on here not even Digital Gunfire will touch.
    • Tag’s Trance Trip: “Progressive house / trance. Tip top tunes.” High-energy stuff.

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