Back in Austin after a few days in my hometown. Managed to sleep more than 6 hours this morning, and took my time getting out of bed and cleaned up. My coat still smells like cigarette smoke, and before I went to bed I had to clean my CPAP hoses and mask because they reeked of Pall Malls. Still need to do a load of laundry to clean the fur and smoke off of all the clothing I wore on my trip.

Trying to get my head together and decide what to do with my time. It should go without saying that I live my life in little epochs separated by events. A holiday trip home certainly classifies. I had my concerns and projects and threads of thought before the trip, but after coming back, I have to wonder which ones I want to carry forward into this next epoch. All the concerns of the world will come at me before I’m ready, so I’m not too interested in accelerating their return. Work resumes tomorrow, laundry resumes today, and I went grocering last night. Life continues on, I guess. Decide what baggage to leave behind.

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