But You Only Want the One Thing You Can’t Get

As much as I dislike The Eagles during their “country” period, this morning while listening to Johnny Cash’s cover of “Desperado”, I finally got it. This whole time, I’ve been disengaged from the song, ignoring the lyrics, pressing “next” or switching stations. It’s a painfully slow ballad. But as I ate breakfast, I let the song play, and the lyrics sank in.

The gist of the song is that you can’t go on for too long straddling the fence on finding a lifelong love. Comes a point in life where it gets so difficult to catch the one you want that it’s far better to get caught by the one you’re with. Settling, in a word. Let somebody love you before it’s too late.

The Queen of Hearts is always your best bet.

(Yeah, I just learned some wisdom from Glenn Fry and Don Henley. Dammit.)

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  1. Chad Pollock says:

    I defer to “The Dude’s” opinion (even though it’s just his opinion, man) on the Eagles. Glad though that they could impart some words of wisdom to you.

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