Warm Forward Pie

Raise your hand if you’re not ready for the onslaught of the workweek. Raise your other hand if you don’t want it to happen an hour earlier.

Raise your left leg if you like warm spring-like weather. Open windows are a godsend. I took advantage of today’s awesomeness to clean house. Spring cleaning? Why not.

Raise your right leg if you like pie. Pie is good. Save your fork, there’s pie! Also, today is March 14th, also known as 3/14, also known as 3.14, Pi Day. Eat pie. I should’ve eaten some pie, but I’m a nonjoiner. Actually, I had too much dinner to eat pie. So there.

You’re out of limbs to raise, so that’s all I have to say. Enjoy your levitation. You’re welcome.

Published by Shawn

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