Ab Use and Neglect

So, it seems your humble author has finally gone and done it. I drank the Kool-Aid(tm). And now you can find me on Facebook. No sense linking, because most of you are already on my friends list.

And why did I do it? Kinda because I don’t hang out with anyone. There’s work, coffee, home, and there’s not too many people at each that I chat with. Y’know? More my fault than anyone else’s. So Facebook is a stand-in, a proxy for friendship. I always say “friendship is proximity”, and I still believe it, so if this is what I need to do to keep my friendships from fading completely, then joining is what I shall do.

However, I do blame my recent Facebook fetishism for my journal’s neglect. Funny, but I’m doing the same exact things with Facebook that caused me to leave IRC: mumble rambling WTF-isms and wait for responses. And wait. And wait. Projects kinda take a back seat. Funny, that.

So yeah. Find me there. If you ask nicely, I might accept your friendship.

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