Red Whine

So, remember last week when I was waxing intoxicated about being happy? Well, that one drink of wine was enough to disturb the oh-so-delicate balance of bacteria in my mouth and throat, and suddenly I got sick. I should know better than to drink so little. Why drink once when I could drink twice? That’ll kill everything! Spent the rest of the weekend feeling rather ill, some kind of respiratory virus, doc says. Sadly, it ruined my weekend plans.

Finally on the mend, I was ready to attack life again and jump back into my work and projects…and then 5 A.M. this morning happened. Woke up feeling a gut cramp, and then a gurgle, and then OMG. Let’s just say that I was a blackwater generator today. Called in sick, and my coworker was like, “Yeah, you just hang back and take care of that…we’ll be fine today.” So I feel like hell right now. Trying to eat something, but my stomach is still revolting against the idea. I need water, carbs, electrolytes. If only I could hold it down.

I’m a lot better after the 4 hour nap this afternoon, but the dehydration headache sucks. Feels like a hangover, which kinda is what hangover is…dehydration. I think I’ve lost four pounds of water over the past day. Nice. So today is chillout day at the homestead.

Ah, thunderstorms moving in. That rumbling is a humbling sound.

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