By Air or By Ground, Their Man Will Be Found

An hour ago I stepped outside to empty my trash and check mail when heard a sound I don’t normally hear: that of an aircraft engine revving up and down really close to the apartment. I went out back to investigate and found one of the APD helicopters circling over the neighborhood. Its floodlight was in a sweep-and-search pattern; they’re looking for somebody.

I walked down the block to check it out; got to Chesterfield and saw there was a cop parked, with lights flashing, on each end of the street at North Loop and Koenig. They’re definitely searching for somebody. The cop sitting at Koenig spotlighted me as I was walking away to return to my apartment (and me in my black hoodie, heh). I stopped, turned around, showed my face to the cop; he turned off the light. I waited to see if he was going to bark commands. Nothing. So I slowly and deliberately turned around and walked back home.

A half hour later, the chopper is still circling, taking longer arcs. I could still faintly see the reflections of the lights flashing on the car at Koenig from my place. Hope they find the fool and soon; sleeping might be difficult with a rumbling helicopter overhead.

To hell with protecting the public. Screw all this “enforcement of public law” bullshit. I’ve got to sleep!

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