Return to Health, Return to Same

Several days later, I’m doing better. My stomach is still a bit in-and-out, but overall, I’m better. I’m starting to think less that I got a stomach virus, and thinking more that maybe I’m producing too much stomach acid, or I’m getting an ulcer. I do know that my recent love for drinking coffee couldn’t be helping. So I dunno; I’m just taking care of myself and getting better.

So Kasbah is open. It’s the new Moroccan-themed coffeeshop/teahouse that opened up in the old Mojo’s Daily Grind building. I’m still not too sure about this place. The decor is extremely different than what I was accustomed to, but it could be tolerable. Obviously, there’s a heavy Moroccan feel to the place. The main sitting room is divided up into three spaces, and each space has some chairs, some tables, low-slung couches, stained glass lamps and rugs. The sections are seperated by tapestries, curtains and freestanding screens. There’s more furniture and wall panels being shipped from Morocco; the owners also own a Moroccan import/antique shop which they will be moving into the second floor of this building, so they have connections on furniture.

For once, the tea isn’t horrible; they know how to brew it without making it cloudy. Finally, a place that can do iced tea passably well. The wireless is OK, but will be improved in the future. Also, and this is a major winning point (and key to my first visit tonight), is that this place is 24/7. So, combined with the future prospect of Epoch opening up within a few months near my house, which will be 24/7, it will be nice to have some kind of choice for late-night entertainment.

I’m even running into some of the old Mojo’s crowd, which is just strange, strange. It’s funny how we didn’t waste any time coming back.

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