Damn Dirty Hippie

I done did it.

Tired of the heat, the mess, the sweat, the work, I finally did it. Last Saturday I cut my hair. Say bye-bye to the long curly locks. Say bye-bye to the maintenance, to the split ends, to the knots, to the “new growth” (broken hair) that gets in underneath my glasses and into my eyes when I’m driving, bikeriding, walking, etcetera. I made my decision after days of careful consideration, and visited a nearby salon to do the deed. At $40, it looks damn good. Still kinda longish on top and faded to short on the sides and back (y’know, the typical “I used to have long hair” haircut). It now takes me five minutes to wash and condition my hair instead of the 10+ minutes previously.

After having long hair for almost 4 years, it’s just so weird reaching back and not feeling a ponytail. Yeah, weird.

When I started out back then, I was like, “yeah, there are girls out there who dig long hair on guys.” And indeed I found them: all five of them. It got me social mileage but didn’t get me much else. Now that I’m not fucking with it all the time or having to worry about whether it’s unkempt or not, I can focus on, y’know, scoring.

My one regret came when I was about to leave the salon. I had paid, gotten the cosmetologist’s card, and was about to leave when we passed her chair. I looked down and saw a 6-inch thick pile of my hair and it then hit me how much I gave up. All that work, all that time growing it, and boom it’s on the floor. I stumbled and had to pause. She consoled me and commended me on doing the right thing. So far, from the reactions from friends, I’ve done the right thing.

The next day I trimmed back my lambchops and made the split wider. That move kinda added weight to my face, but it looks more appropriate for the cut. At least for now.

And now…to lose the weight. Bike riding to work, anyone?

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