Moving Along Now

Been a while since the last Phaysis site news update. Nothing out of the ordinary with that. Dropping in to mention that I’m considering a site redesign; this design is novel, it’s fun, I like it, others like it, but it’s getting old on me. It’s the shellacked, plasticene sheen on my otherwise foul temperament as of late. It’s a seasonal thing, I hope.

In one of my side projects I’m playing around with a lot of DOM-level html scripting. Cool stuff. Building tables on the fly from javascript data. Capturing mouse events on each table row. Client-side manipulation of the document interface. That kind of stuff. Super cool. Also, same project, using new perl modules to automatically handle class-to-database relationships; a true lifesaver. All that stuff is ongoing. Everything is ongoing.

Ok. So, yeah, site stuff soon. You heard it here first.

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