Giving You the Finger


I’ve been a little twisted up inside of late. Holding a lot of stuff back. Suppose it’s for the best. Dunno. Verdict’s still out.

Let’s start with the inane:

I bought a new computer keyboard. The old one was four years old, and after the two hours of cleaning I did on it last Saturday, it was less a rubber membrane and the key action went from bad to very rough. I got seriously tired of having to communicate through keys that didn’t want to go down. With the anger I was feeling over the last weekend, not being able to express it added fuel to the fire. So Tuesday I bought a new keyboard, and I’m so loving it. Typing is a pleasure. A finger orgy. Party at the computer.

I bought a wireless access point for the apartment a week ago. Got it configured with encryption (weak, as it were) and access control. Got my laptop to work with it, and my roomate bought a wireless card for his laptop so he could take advantage of it as well. We’re all configured now. Everyone happy. Party in the street.

Remember the journal entry I made a few months back listing people I went to college with? One of them randomly emailed me last weekend with my message gateway. It was excellent to hear from her. She said that she was looking up some data on her family history, and her full name appeared. She followed the link to my site, and was astonished to hear her nickname. See, that’s exactly why I made that entry. I banked on the gamble that someone from that list, some how some way would search for their name and find that entry and the message to them. And it worked. We’re emailing each other, catching up. Is good. Party in the email client.

Work is picking up, slowly but surely. I’m still not so happy with the job, but it’s work, it’s a steady paycheck, it’s security, it’s something to get me away from the drama that follows me. Tomorrow looks to be a busy day, which is completely within the Friday idiom. Much happiness. A party in the bindery room.

‘Scuse me, but I really like Digital Gunfire. You don’t like industrial music? You can suck it. Wait, you do? Go there. Love it. Caress it. Put it in vinyl and whip it. It’s your choice. Party in the dungeon.

I made some strides with one of my ongoing programming projects last weekend. It works. I’m happy. Party in the login script.

Maybe this weekend will be less, um, shitty. Party in your pants.

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