On the Road: AUS2TXK 2004/07


Shawn Thomas (Nasdaq ticker: SHAT), the cult of personality that brought you Miniflims(tm) and “Johnny the Original Greek”, and innovator in computer advertising with the “Your Mother Loves my Wang!” campaign, announced today his intent to relocate business operations to the city of Texarkana, Arkansas for the weekend of the Fourth of July, a federal holiday. The move and change of venue is to begin on the evening of Friday, July 2nd, 2004 and is expected to extend in duration to the afternoon of Monday, July 5th. The corporate office is currently in Austin, Texas.

All vested interests, and those related to or affiliated with Shawn Thomas, are requested to make note of these temporary changes and to provide suitable accomodations and business arrangements. Of greatest note is the length of stay intended; due to the federal holiday, Shawn Thomas has the unique opportunity to maximize this business transition through the singular capability of spending three days instead of two days to pursue his business and personal interests. It is expected that this extra day will be invested in mutual stocks with short-term dividends and long-term gains, with focus on strengthening ongoing partnerships with affiliates, contacts, and related businesses.

Shawn Thomas is a privately-held sole proprietorship in business since March of 1972. This press release contains claims and forward-looking statements which reflect intentions that may change at any moment, and are not intended for use as nor replacements for professional investment advice. For further information, please contact Shawn Thomas at his Office of Public Relations at http://www.phaysis.com/email.cgi.


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