Empty Wallet, Empty Seat

I have a small problem…

Rush ticket
See this?

That’s right. I have a pair of tickets to see Rush this Friday in San Antonio. I bought the pair in March of this year. Over that span of time, my intended cohort for the concert has backed out due to inability to pay for the already-purchased ticket. (!!) So. I have a small problem, and I intend to fix it with something like this:

Anyone interested in going with me, this Friday afternoon, to see Rush in San Antonio, TX, and has enough money for my low “fire sale” price of $35 (OBO), and has no problems with taking off on such short notice, CONTACT ME NOW. It is my plan to leave Austin around 2pm Friday afternoon.

It would be a damned shame, a travesty of sorts, if I went to the show alone. If that happens, I will have effectively paid $133 (!!) to see Rush by myself. It would be a damned shame.

Thank you. That is all.

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