Ever Seen Cats Box?

Hey kids. Total site redesign. All of the main, publicly-accessible pages have been updated and recoded to unify the look and feel of the site. Still not much content here, but that’s how we work. We. Heh. It’s just me, and I still speak in the Royal First Person form.

Anyways, enjoy the new design. It’s mostly monochrome now, grey tones with a touch of “titty-pink” for emphasis. Hope you like. The change goes all the way from the main page to the journal pages, the povray page, and down to the message gateway.

The development on Chrontium has kind of ground to a halt. Shame on me for not developing it fast enough; I sort of lost interest in the project, but I do want to finish due to the positive and demanding responses I’ve been getting from my play testers. Stay tuned, and please ride on me to finish. Thanks.

Enjoy the site. That is all, good night.

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