Busy Elsewhere

Took care of some minor yet ongoing business today. Started the day off a little too early, not enough sleep after going to bed so late last night. So, I took my time waking up and getting started. Even went back down for a nap, just some time alone in my warm bed, the grey light of the rainy day seeping in through the blinds. I got up around 3 o’clock.

It’s interesting to me, after living for three and a half years in Austin, that I still get surprised when I walk into a business where only one person speaks English. Suddenly, my knowledge of Spanish is out the door, and I find myself making my words long and drawn out as if I was speaking to retards. One of my stops this afternoon was to a tire shop to get a rim for my full-sized spare tire; the place was two miles from my apartment, and I knew they’d be open today. After visiting that shop, I have a new idea of what day-to-day business is like in Mexico.

The next stop was the laundromat to start a wash of whites; nothing like having to wear stuff from the “emergency pile”. So, on the way, I picked up a new box of detergent and some Febreze for the house. Started my load and took my car to the shop next door to the laundromat to get my oil changed. Stop three. Finished before the wash cycle ended.

Back at the laundromat, I started the dry cycle and left for another stop: lunch. Small meal: chicken quesadilla, taco. Watched some crazy chick run up to the trashcan next to the restaurant and start frantically rummaging for empty cups. Seems the insane people are out in droves these days. Weather’s warming up. This spring’s going to be interesting. Lunch done, back to the clothes, then back to the house.

Spent some time working on my little DOS-mode gaming PC. My old P133 computer; got it outfitted with 32 megs of RAM, a 2.1 GB drive, cdrom. After dealing with MS-DOS 6.22, I completely remember what it is that I now take for granted in the newer Microsoft operating systems. But, I have it set up; wish I could easily configure my sound card so I could hear my games, but ah well. That’s down the road. Played some Duke Nukem 1, some Dragon’s Lair (the CDRom edition with video captures from the original laserdisc), and some Magic Carpet. After dealing with high-resolution displays and powerful graphics cards over the years, it’s humbling that at one time I considered those low-res games as being clear, crisp, and high-quality. Now it’s like I’m watching a television through muzlin cloth.

So, now I’m here at the coffee shop. Same place as last night. Same plans as last night. Working on Chrontium. It’s turning out quite nicely; getting better with each chunk of code written. Spending time rewriting, optimizing, and testing; last night was highly productive. As long as I can keep busy with the code without my usual distractions, it’ll get done.

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