Merry Christmerch!

Once again, I impressed myself.

Tonight, after being stuck at home sick for two days, I went out and did my christmerch shopping. I got all my gifts, for those at home who’re most important to me, in less than two hours from start to finish. And, it gets better: I spent only $65 total. Nice.

Take that!

So, yeah, I’m feeling better. My visit to the doc yesterday was fruitful, apparently, because the drugs I got made my sinus infection go away within a half-day. The only problem, though, is that the steroid drug I’m taking is making my heart want to palpitate more than usual, but all I gotta keep in mind is to smoke much less than usual and avoid anything more than one coca-cola a day. And speaking of my chest, the sinus infection has migrated, if you will, downtown to my chest. I could feel the emigration action last night as I sat at home on IRC. Hey, as long as I can hack and cough it away, I’ll be fine.

Ok. Again, a kind reminder: I am coming home to Texarkana on Wednesday; leaving here that afternoon after I work a half-day and do some packing. I will try to go out and about that night, and spend most of Xmerch Day with my family. I will be leaving TXK on Sunday evening.

Ugh. Twelve more hours of driving. Do I love the holidays or what?

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