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Type O Negative Ticket
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Thursday night, last night, almost didn’t happen. But it did. And it was gooooood.

I had known that [Type O Negative] was coming to town, and I had all but forgotten about it since I first saw the ad in the [Austin Chronicle] a month ago. It wasn’t until a friend of mine reminded me about it two days before the show that I remembered, and I spent some time searching around for tickets. Luckily it wasn’t sold out. I ran over to [Waterloo Records] and got a ticket on Wednesday, the day before the show.

During that evening’s round of hanging out, I showed the ticket to various friends of mine, and surprisingly got mixed responses. Apparently Type O Negative illicits a lot of love/hate extremes in people. Me, personally, I love the band. I’ve been listening to them since ’96 and continue to listen to them through all their changes in sound and drive. Which is good, because I wouldn’t have spent $25 to see them, eh? So, I had a ticket, and for once, instead of waiting to drum up some kind of loose group to go with me, instead of sending out feelers to see who’d want to go, finding that no one wanted to do it, and languishing in my own gravity to do nothing on the night of the show, I decided to go for it and get the ticket. The world be damned.

And the night of the show almost didn’t happen.

Thursday morning I woke up as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary. Woke up, turned on the radio, had breakfast, had a vitamin, slurped some coca cola while I listened to the radio to wake up. As I started to get ready for work, I went to the restroom to take care of business, but something was odd about that day’s business. Running late, I hurriedly finished getting dressed, went to work, and proceeded with my tasks. About an hour into work, something inside me went wrong. I had to go to the restroom again. It was disturbing; I had to go again only an hour later. I decided that I was sick; this worried me to no end, because I had spent a chunk of change for the show, and I’ll be damned if I was going to be too sick to go.

After work, I stopped by the pharmacy for some relief. Thankfully it worked. I got showered, shaved, dressed up and slicked back, and drove across town to Riverside to see the show.

Shawn't right hand with 'Geezer' stampTo get into the bar, I had to present my ID, then got my right hand stamped with the word “GEEZER”. Ah, those things are ephemeral badges of honor. The line to get into the band hall side wrapped around the interior of the bar side. A ton of people, and doors were already open for people to filter in. After 15 minutes of standing and trudging, I presented my ticket, got my left hand stamped with the word “freak”, got into the band side and scouted a spot. By that time the first band was already playing. Good band. Can’t remember the name. Ran over to get a coke and sipped on that through the second band.

The second band — oh my god, I’m a new fan. Ever hear of [Lacuna Coil]? They’re from Italy. While listening to their six-piece band totally rock, I started drawing parallels between them and [Evanescence]. Very similar in operatic style and hard edge stuff. Wonderful. I was impressed. Got to talk to the male lead singer after the show and complimented his band. He was busy but thankful.

But the Type O Negative show — holy shit. Fucking rocked my ass off, they did. Rrroarr! The band opened their set with the entirety of “I Know You’re Fucking Someone Else”, complete with asides, meandering, and thundering gut rocking. Second song was “Wolf Moon”, to which Peter Steel, lead singer and bassist, commented, “When I say that engaging in oral sex with a menstruating woman turns you into a werewolf,” as he looks over to the guitarist, “I do not know this by personal experience.” The crowd went nuts.

After about five songs, the band decided to take a breather, which seemed slightly too soon for a set break, but we went with it. The techs had some issues to deal with, and the band was sweating through their medical scrubs (green, of course). Roughly ten minutes later, they dropped the lights, came back on stage, and commenced to kicking more ass than ever.

Overall, they played for about an hour and a half, although it felt oddly short. I attribute that to the fact that their songs are typically seven minutes long, so they didn’t play as many as we’d like. I knew all but about three of their songs; I assume those unknown songs are from their first album, “Slow Deep and Hard” and from their latest album “Life is Killing Me.” So we all just went along and enjoyed it. The rest of the time, we were all jumping around, singing out, throwing RAWK signs, flipping the band off (old running gag) and shouting out “You suck!”

By show’s end, I was blasted. The ventilation in the bar was good until Type O Negative took the stage; that’s when everyone started packing in, making the “whole-body ventilation” worthless. So, needless to say, I was trashed from sweating and dehydrating, standing for 4 hours, and jumping and yelling. I bought a bottle of water, drank what I could, and left. By the time I got home, my ears were numb, my throat scratchy, and my head throbbing from the dehydration. Compound that with the morning’s health concerns, and you can see that I was in no shape for anything. Picked up a hibiscus tea to go, sipped it on the way home, and hurriedly undressed to cool down and unwind before bed.

All things being said, I was totally blessed and rejuvenated to be able to see Type O Negative last night. Regardless of what anyone else thinks of the band, I went, and I had a good time. So fuck you all. :grins:

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