Days Three and Four

Oh my. Remember me mentioning those “flu-like symptoms”? Well, I’m feeling them. Definitely feeling them. There’s that certain taste in my breath, and my chest crud is getting more loose. Ugh. In the hope of good judgment, I took a 600mg guaifenesen caplet (ah, the last true bitter pill, a horse pill). Double ugh. I can only hope that this, as well as sticking to drinking a lot of water, will help me hack all this up.

So, I was at the coffee shop yesterday afternoon; after being there for half an hour, my chest started tightening and tweaking (perhaps it was the caffeine from the tea), so I took off on a walk down the drag. Did some window shopping. By the time I got back, my chest was feeling great, heartbeat normal, lungs open. I hung out for a little over an hour more with some friends, but after being out in the heat and around their smoking (which didn’t bother me until it got to be too much) I decided to call it an afternoon and head home to cool my heels. I fully intended to go out again around sunset and do something (on a saturday night of all nights), but I stayed home, craving and coughing. Retired to bed around 1am.

This morning, day four, I got up around 9:30am. Had a good cough and hack, and just tooled around the house. Started to feel a little something in my chest and throat. Ears too. Not craving as badly as before, but it’s still there. I laid down for a nap around 1pm, got up shortly after, and that’s when the “quitter’s flu” started to hit me. BAM!

After going out into the heat outside for some dinner and coming back, I am full of food, drained of energy, and my chest is doing one of those “Yeah, I’m still here — remember me?” things. The Flu has come.

Ugh. Get me through this day.

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