Little Discoveries, Great Voyages

Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard some small rumblings from friends of mine who I’ve known for years, people who I respect for their music preferences. They’ve made mention of a band called [Evanescence]; figured that since there was a small bit of buzz about them, I picked up their CD last night.

Oh. My. God.

I never really would’ve figured it, but these two people from Little Rock (of all places) can really write some seriously good music. It’s thick. Rich. Layered. My friend and college-mate Jeff S. was correct in saying it takes some serious talent to do those arrangements. The album has a few slow, orchestra-based tracks, but the real stars of the show are the tracks “Bring Me to Life”, “Haunted”, “Tourniquet”, and “Whisper”. Wow. This stuff is hard and deep.

It’s about time we had the return of progressive metal. I love the genre. Actually, I like really deep, thick, rich music. Give me hard beats, yes, heart-racing rhythms, yes, crunchy guitars, yes, but also give me melody, counterpoint, harmony, something other than “verse / chorus / verse / bridge / chorus” once in a while. Some bands that come to mind here are Tool and Dream Theater – those bands really get my juices flowing with the music they provide. Evanescence provides, and, hoo-boy, I gladly accept.

As a sidenote, I suspected, with the band originating from Little Rock, that Evanescence was Christian in their leanings. After listening to the lyrics, I can almost confirm. Lyrics are a hard thing to judge sometimes, but my supposition that they’re influenced by the spectre of the Arkansas State Baptist Convention (evil as a whole, but with nice members) is highly probable. Arkansas is a Baptist state, after all. Luckily, this lean in their lyricism doesn’t detract from the band or their music; they’re not ones to flaunt their God in our faces, which is good. The world needs more Christians like that.

So again, wow. They’re in my heavy playlist rotation. Evanescence goes down like sweet milk.

In other news, I’ll be taking a trip to Texarkana next weekend to visit the family and friends for Easter. Taking off a day early to head out of here on Thursday night. Maybe that’ll help alleviate my long-distance-driving-in-traffic anxiety. Man, do I dislike driving that long by myself. At first, it was a pleasure, but it’s now a pain, a hassle, and a bore. Damn, I hate driving through Dallas. ugh.

At least I have some new musics to drag along. Wish me luck.

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