Oh, what a night…

Last night was quite interesting.

It all started yesterday morning. As is my usual, when I woke up I turned on the radio to [KLBJ] to start the day. The morning show, [Dudley & Bob], my favorite show on that station, has a tendency to get really, really interesting. Well, lo and behold, porn star [Sydnee Steele] visited the studio, so obviously my ears pricked up. :) As is also my usual, I tuned in to the webcam at the KLBJ studio, and yessir, she was there. Dudley and Bob, and the rest of the on-air cast, sweet-talked her into stripping down nude. Score! It was great.

Also in the studio, just after Sydnee’s really-cool visit, were four girls from the [Canned Film Festival], which features local film shorts that were rejected from our recent [South By South West] festival. Let me tell you, Canned girls are hawties. Wow.

Luckily for me, luckily for us, I saved all the [cam images]. That was a real treat, after just waking up. Was nice, really nice. But the day’s just getting started.

Ok. So I’m off to work. Got to work by myself, which was a joy. No listening to coworker F coughing incessantly. No dealing with coworker N’s music. No dealing with BossMan pulling me from one job to another. It was a pleasure to see that little treasure Coworker M. She was dressed really cute. Oy. What I would do for her… *Ahem!* So, anyway, had a quick chat with Coworker S about that morning’s show on KLBJ, which he’s a fan of. Told him I saved the images. He got a guffaw and hinted that he wished he’d have seen that. Told him Sydnee’s here in town for an in-store appearance at the Adult Video Megaplexxx, told him I was thinking about going, at least for something to do. He was like, “Hey, that’s tonight?!” Hehe.

Day of work done, I head home. Did some tooling around with my site, wrote a script that generates an html index for images in a directory, and uploaded that morning’s cam images onto my site. Then I got itchy. Decided to go to the in-store appearance, but I wasn’t goin’ alone. You bet. I grabbed my roomate, we headed to Mojo’s in an effort to grab more people. Oddly enough, everyone I asked in my scattered groups of friends declined. Hmph. Prudes. So, just the two of us, we headed off to the store.

Let me tell you about the Megaplexxx. That place is clean. Well-maintained. Like the Blockbuster of adult video. Only here the staff was friendly, professional, and helpful. Very cool. So, we walk in and sure enough, there’s Sydnee Steele in all her porn-star glory. She’s wearing a torquoise stretch-tube dress, standing behind a table with all kinds of merch with her bodyguards keeping watch. There was a short line, so I walked around and looked at a few titles and rentals. Out of the corner of my eye, I catch her flashing a polaroid camera with some guy standing next to her with the goofiest grin on his face.

I walk around a little more. My roomate’s already bee-lined to the gay section. I got a kick out of that. Next thing I know, I’m right at her table, without really thinking about it. Figure, eh, why not, eh? Found out a topless polaroid was $20 (full-nude was $40). I pony up a twenty to her bodyguard, Sydnee and I exchange greetings and some small banter, she pulls her dress down to expose her enormous, enhanced breasts, and leads me behind the table to join her for a photo. I was surprised that, with heels, she was actually a little shorter than I am. Thin, tanned, nice body. She holds out her right hand, I take it with my right, lock fingers, she folds our arms over her waist, and I put my left arm around her waist to lock hands, and *flash* we have our money shot. (Har har)

Wow. Ok, so not only did I see a porn star, not only did I meet a porn star, not only did I take a picture with a porn star, but I got to touch a porn star! Man, that was truly cool. I’m such a fanboy. To say she wasn’t charming would be a lie. She was very sweet, very friendly. We had a short chat afterwards. Found out she was into finance before she got into the industry, so she’s not really doing it for the money or fame; says she just loves what she does. Heh. Gettin’ paid to have orgasms, yeah, I can see how someone would love that kind of work.

She signed the polaroid, signed a free poster, and after more chatting, I got her to recommend one of the dvd’s which she had the most fun in doing. Picked up “The Shocking Truth” (available from [Wicked Pictures]). Not a bad flick. I’m thinking it was inspired by the Mel Gibson movie “What Women Want.” Tongue-in-cheek, but, hell, at least the plot holds up. It’s interesting to note that on the dvd, the “Chapters” menu goes straight to the sex scenes. Now that’s forward thinking. Ah, finally some producers know “What Men Want.”

So, we leave the shop and head back to Mojo’s. My friends are still there, and we show our spoils. It’s funny the mixed reactions we got. Some were like “Dude, that fuckin’ rawks!” Others were like “Um, oooh-kaaay.” Hey, for months they’ve been admonishing me to get out more; well, dammit, I believe I just did! Fehehe.

I hung out for several more hours, and the group at-large was talking about almost anything and everything, including the making of a sex-map, trying to see just who has slept with whom, and which people are “eskimo cousins”. That was entertaining. Almost the ultimate cock-block for everyone. Funny how that happens. Yawning, I head home around 5am and reflect on the day. Yep, for once it was time well-spent.

And the dvd is nice too, by the way. :)


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