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Ah, yes. It’s a new year. Only thing I have to say to that is — Y2WHAT?!

I’m still working, still plugging away at my current job. Not too many qualms about it. However, I still look for more gainful, enjoyable employment.

For those interested in my web skills, I have posted a portfolio of some of my work. Take a look at it if you wish. That’s why it’s there.

I’m making small advances towards the goal of having this site dynamically created by CGI. So far, I’ve worked on the essential document-display mechanisms. When I can get the CGI to plug the documents into a general site template, then all will be good. And when I can get the site update tools written and in place, all will be much better.

Elsewise, not too much going on. I’m beginning work on a “webwriting for pay” project. I’m not at liberty to say who the client is, but most of you who know me know who I’m talking about. It promises to be good.

Take care-

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