1999-07-24 The Farm: current news (from the archives)

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Ongoing Goings-On: current news

Things are currently on a roller-coaster ride as I take care of the day’s responsibilities, gather up the remains of the day, and prepare for the next day.

Day in, day out.

As mentioned, job-hunting is becoming a full-time occupation without pay, and it really is annoying. I’m starting to get used to the idea of opening up dialogs with potential employers and repeating all the lines that I’ve cited previously to other potential employers only to be returned with not applause, but “Fill out this application and we’ll get back in touch.”


Sometimes, I’m glad I never took to acting in theatre but, this time, doing a show for weeks at a stretch to countless audiences and critics doesn’t sound too bad. It would have helped callous me to rejection, which would help.

Currently, of note, I’ve been online a lot and most of that is spent on projects, designs, and making better of myself. It’s getting less-and-less of a waste of time and more of a lesson in productivity. That’s a good thing.

The grown-up bills are calling me now, and it’s getting to be a scary situation. I had a dream last night that the creditors came and repossessed my car. Call me names, steal my code, but don’t take my car. I know a little about legalities concerning cars, loans, and other things damnable, but I feel I have just a little more time before repossession becomes a legal remedy, but that time is coming all too soon.

All my bills for this month will be late, and that scares me. It is very possible I may have to (dare I say it?) take a “shit job” just to keep some bills current. The shaaaame…. Really, though, I’ve been too picky with the current job offerings, and I may have to give it another go at taking that lowly job while searching high and low for something better. I’ve tried it before with no success, but I feel I’ll need to try again. I’d do that kind of thing in my webwriting, why not in my job-hunting?

I think I just might.

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