At 18 years old, my domain is now old enough to vote. Watch out, all you zombies!

$ whois phaysis.com
Domain Name: PHAYSIS.COM
Creation Date: 2000-04-14T14:49:59Z
Updated Date: 2018-03-06T03:32:22Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2019-04-14T14:49:59Z

It’s really a trip that I’ve held on to this domain for so long, but it’s become an extension of my voice as well as a weight on my shoulders. I carry it around like my backpack, loaded with memories and needs and supplies and useful things.

As I’ve probably said before, I got this domain on a whim as a place to try my hand at this HTML/Javascript/CSS/Perl thing, as a playground for writing and art. Once I moved to Austin, a scant few months after I founded the site, it was useful as way to keep my friends back home informed on my life. 18 years hence, we’ve largely parted ways, and my artistic and writing output has waned, but the site remains. I remain.

Thank you for continuing to check in.

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