Everything is a symbol
Everything means something
Everything is a reaction to that which was a reaction immediately before.

And here I am, flying in my porcelain teapot over the fields of Orion.

From a distance o’er your red grass where you’re
Reading holy scripture from your matchbook turned to page 12
Stoking your love, Stroking your hate.

Mouths empty within the deafening roar of eyes and tears cryin’.

Distended throats and extended fingers
And stented hearts bleeding sick from time
And indelicate frontal lobotomies.

And we, drooling away memories over empty plates and static TV fashion.

Your palpable taste for noise
Distraction from common cause, common pain
He said, she said, we said, you said, nothing said.

Marching bands fighting to the death, their brass cymbals crashin’.

Published by Shawn

He's just this guy, you know?