Personal Again

Now that Google has announced they’re bringing Google Fiber to Austin, I wonder how many of those subscribers who have websites will move their web services into their house where they have complete control over the box. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for years, but Time Warner’s upstream cap of 98Kbps has prevented me from fully-hosting my sites and domains at my own home (plus, if they detected I did, they’d slap a fee on me and upgrade me to Business Class).

Once enough of the broadband market increases to the higher symmetrical speeds provided by fiber, I visualize a larger demand for home-based cloud solutions. Enough with putting your files somewhere out there in the ether for someone else to maintain and snoop. Tell me true: if you could buy a device off the shelf, put it on your home network, install an app on your laptop / tablet / phone so you can access your own files and your own computers at your own house from anywhere, would you do it? I’d certainly do it if I didn’t have the ability already (which I do). It’s remarkably handy.

Now that “PC”, meaning “Personal Computer”, is a dying term, could “PC” soon mean “Personal Cloud”?

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