In My Underwear, In a Dream

I think I sleepwalked (sleptwalked?) this morning.

Didn’t get much sleep last night and had to wake up kinda early to be at work by 9am. Got up when my alarm told me to, went to the living room, sat in front of my computer (like I always do), and then…promptly fell back asleep. I slept long enough to start dreaming.

I dreamed that I was sitting at my computer, in my last apartment, and talking to a friend from home. There was an annoying knock on my door. I interrupted the conversation, got up and looked through the peephole; didn’t recognize the guy on the other side. He announced who he was, I opened the door and saw him and all his jesus buddies decorating the entire apartment complex courtyard in christmas decorations, asked if I wanted to join in on the party. I made a jerking-off motion and slammed the door, went back to my computer, and finished my conversation. My ex-roomate walks in and I snap to and wake up.

Dream over. I went to shower and get dressed for work. As I get to the door to leave, I notice that both of the locks on the door are…unlocked. Woah.

Either I forgot to lock them as I carried my bike in from last night, or I sleepwalked this morning. But did somebody knock on my door? Did I answer? Did I do the jerking-off motion and slam the door? Did I answer the door in my underwear?

Unless I start getting strange looks from the landlady, I will never know.

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