Getting Over It

I am finally getting over my cold. We broke up a few days ago. She tried to hook me up with her sister Bronchitis, but I said “NO! I’m not interested. Let’s just pretend to be friends and never call each other ever again.” I’m also getting over my angry cough; for two nights it’s been getting me up at 3am in a fit of dream-coughing that gets so bad I wake up and have to do something about it. Disrupts my sleep. But I take some robo, double up my pillows to elevate my head, and make another pass at sleep. Maybe tonight will prove successful.

Work is hectic. My department is in the middle of a move to the new campus, so my coworkers and I have been pulling crap out of the corners, piling papers, sorting them into stacks, and then throwing away all the stacks. Every wire, cable, heat sink, component, processor, screw, server, everything has to be sorted, returned to its place and packed up by 5pm next wednesday. So far, it’s all a clusterfuck: trying to motivate and organize a department of ~75 people to get their stuff straight, and trying to get the movers to understand what we need moved, and trying to have all parties communicate what actually has to happen (versus what people think needs to happen) is a herculean effort. AND my coworker and I have to keep producing numbers. So, when all our equipment is over in the new campus across town, we’ll be with our test servers and offline test equipment in the old campus trying to do our work for two days, and then we’ll pack it all up and carry it all across town.

Predicting a huge pain in the ass.

While writing this, I remembered that I needed to update my timesheet, so I tabbed over to my Google Notes page to note the time I left today. What the hell…when I clicked on the note that contained all my clock-in/clock-out times for this week, the note disappeared. Deleted. So I clicked “Undo”, and the note came back, then I clicked on the note again to select it for editing…it deleted again. So I clicked “Undo”. It didn’t come back. It wasn’t in the deleted bin. It just…vanished. What the hell. All my timepoints lost, and I hadn’t had the chance to enter it all into my real timesheet app. So, I tried to remember and re-entered everything.

Maybe I should not be so trusting. Maybe if I say “Google sucks!” they’ll find this entry in their results for the search “Google sucks” (companies have departments that do this) and they’ll contact me to see what they can do to help make it right. Maybe I should file a bug report. Maybe I should just get over it.

I hate computers.

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