Bonus Means Free

On Monday, a friend won a free pass from KLBJ to the Wednesday night sneak preview of the Jet Li movie “Unleashed.” On the following day, another coworker won a pass from the same radio station to the same movie. They discovered that there was a surplus of passes between them, so they invited me and my roomate to join them for the viewing.

I give the movie four of five stars. It’s a good flick. Jet Li will kick your ass, my ass, and everyone else’s asses. Meanwhile, Morgan Freeman will make you feel ok about it. It’s a fun movie for a Friday night – go see it this weekend. Best when viewed with a packed house.

Also on Wednesday, I won a pass to next Wednesday’s sneak preview of “Star Wars, Episode 3”. Yes, free, yes, sneak. Won it from a lunch-hour playlist contest on KLBJ (the same station). Both my coworker and I knew the common theme between the songs, and when it was time to call we both called – he managed to get through first. Well, since he already won something from the station this week (the 30-day rule), he quickly passed the phone to me and I claimed the prize. So we’re going to see Ep. 3 on the house next week granted we can get to the theater in due time to get in; they always hand out more passes than there are seats in the screen to ensure a packed house.

Yet a few more reasons why I love this town.

So, this morning I drove my roomate to the airport. He has taken a flight back to his home state to attend a friend’s wedding and will be taking about nine days off to spend with his friends and family. I wish him fun and relaxation. It’s weird when he’s not around the apartment, but it’s kinda cool. I have this whole place to myself. So weird.

My teeth are still hurting, for what it’s worth. I’m relying on the tylenol less each day, which is good. I’m able to go for longer after waking up before I need a dosing. However, the brief spells my teeth hurt — they really hurt. Still temperature sensitive, especially to hot foods and drinks. Yarg.

Picked up the latest VNV Nation disc “Matter + Form”. On initial spinning, I dig it. I get my moods where nothing will please me more than some EBM. I can be a junkie for it, and VNV Nation is good stuff. I’m planning to see their show this Saturday night at La Zona Rosa.

Also, on a whim, I picked up a disc from a band called Hooters. Back in, oh,’91 or ’92, I remember hearing a song played on Magic105 out of Little Rock. They’d play it on rare occasion, and it truly tripped me out how cool it was, just deeply haunting with its overtones of biblical doom. The song is called “All You Zombies”. At the time I had no clue who did the song nor what the song was called, but through some targeted searches online I narrowed down and pinpointed the band and song, and it’s these guys. Come to find out, Hooters also released the 1985 anthem song “And We Danced”, and two of the core members wrote and coproduced Cyndi Lauper’s 1983 debut album “She’s So Unusual” – that’s how they got the label pressure to release an album of their own.

It’s playing now, and if my situation would’ve been different in ’85 I would’ve definitely owned this album by now. 1985 just had a certain sound and I missed the whole thing because I had yet to come into my own as far as musical preferences. Ah well.

I still have to sell my spare Nine Inch Nails tickets. I have four of them of which I’m planning to sell no less than two. I haven’t found a date, so I may be selling three of them. Not sure yet. If you’re interested and you can make a decent offer (the show is sold out, mind you), let me know as soon as possible.

By the way, the new album, in my opinion, is simply beautiful. The key to listening is that if you’re expecting another “Pretty Hate Machine”, “Downward Spiral”, or “The Fragile”, you’re screwing yourself hard out of enjoying this album. Open your mind for chrissakes.

That is (mostly) all.

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