The Business of My Day Off

Today was beautiful. For the most part. I woke up at 11:30am and lazed around. Then, around noon-thirty, the exterminator knocks on my door to spray the apartment. Fine, I let him in after I put on some pants. He walked around and sprayed his “non-toxic” stuff around the baseboards and under the cabinets and next to the air intakes of my computers. The bastard. After seeing my CD collection while spraying and letting fly with comments like, “what, you a music lover?” he left. I bummed around some more until hunger and eye irritation (from the bug spray) overtook my resolve to vegetate and I got dressed to leave.

On the way to the car, I stopped at my housemate’s truck to start it and recharge the battery after being parked for the week and a half he’s been gone out of state. The battery was dead, naturally, so I pulled my car around and jumpstarted his truck. Task number one complete.

After going for some lunch I bought some new shoes. Wearing them now (oh, the discomfort of breaking in new shoes). Tasks two and three complete.

Went back to the house and noticed that the place was stuffy (compared to the air outside) and it still smelled of bug spray. So, with the most excellent weather and nice breeze outside, I opened the windows. I had been thinking about cleaning the house, but I also had laundry to do; a quandary. I didn’t want to go to the laundromat and deal with that crowd, so I examined the laundromat at the apartment complex and found it was ok to use (usually it’s trashed and stinks of piss and bleach), which gave me a win-win situation. So I ran my loads of laundry while I attacked the apartment. White tornado action.

Vacuumed my room and the common areas the right way: by moving the furniture. Cleaned my bathroom. Used a sponge to spot-clean all the handprints, spots, and nicotine condensation from the walls. Cleaned the brown smudge marks from the front door knob. Dug around and pulled the stacks of accumulated newspapers for tossing. Reorganized the videotapes and DVDs. Windexed the coffee table. Broke down and discarded unneeded cardboard boxes. Dusted everywhere. Straightened all the couches and the cushions on them. Pushed everything around so it was square, straight, and neat. Watered the plants. Then *ding* the laundry was done. Tasks four, five, six, seven, eight, twenty, and nine-thousand complete.

And now, it is with pleasure that I announce that my apartment is clean and completely rocks.

I’m currently at Spiderhouse having some coffee. I like coffee, but only when it’s hot; given this weather, and the occasions I sit outside drinking coffee when it’s cold, my coffee cools off too fast. So I had to do something about it, y’know? Bought a briefcase thermos last night; holds about 16 ounces of coffee, which suits me fine. Smart Solutions for Dumb Problems.

I recognize absolutely nobody up here. I’m not sure if I like that or not. Essentially the only reason I come to Spiderhouse on the weekends is for some socialization with the few familiar faces that come here. With the cooling weather, those faces are fewer. So, I reckon I’d post a journal, get *something* done towards that end. So, with nobody really around as I had hoped, I’m getting kind of bummed out. Feeling my day of successes is crossing a threshhold; it’s becoming less of a good day. Y’know? Hope somebody shows up.

Ok, for those of you in Texarkana, please be alerted that I’ll be making a four-day visit this week for the christmas holiday season. My printshop is closed on xmas eve, so I’m taking vacation time on the day before (the 23rd). I will be leaving here on wednesday night and heading back here on sunday afternoon. I’ll do my best to stop by and wish everyone a happy festivus.

Festivus For the Rest of Us.

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