I Will Wrap Around You Like a Circle

What you see is what I got:

a concert ticket

So I’m going monday night to see A Perfect Circle. Damn right! I’ve let many, many bands slip through my hands, but I’m not missing this one. A week ago I put out a feeler among my groups of friends to see who else wanted and could afford to go, and only one responded (I need new friends). So, as it stands, my friend Fuzzy and I will be going. He’s going to attempt finding better seats than what we got; I wish him luck. Hehe. Hey, so long as we get to see and don’t get booted out.

Ah, feels good to look forward to a show again. I can’t wait. Next show I’ll be looking forward to? Rush, in San Antonio. I’ve had those tickets since March. I definitely can’t wait for that one.

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