The Very Breath of My Body

Called in sick this morning. Stayed home from work and called my doctor according to his orders. My bronchitis hasn’t gotten better since monday when I visited him and started my antibiotic treatment. Instead of enduring another day at work with this shit, I stayed home. Don’t ask me why I felt guilty for doing it; I just don’t know.

So, yesterday at work, the bending over to pick up stacks of paper, the exertion, the activity made my chest clench up tight, and breathing was a real chore. It was tight, dry, and no amount of my asthma inhaler would make it release. I went home, guzzled water, made sure to breathe normally and stop freaking out. My plans to leave the house and go out for the first time this week were ruined. I simply stayed home another night. Gave me time to deal with reinstalling the OS on my laptop. Around 1:30am, I call it a night.

This morning, I woke up several times. When I can’t breathe well, I can’t sleep well, and so I keep waking up during the night and morning. Have been for the past week, and it’s tiresome. I’m tired. So, this morning, under my thicker-than-usual blankets, I laid there half-awake and warm. Finally, my lungs were open, productive. I could cough. But, as the alarm clock got me out of bed, I knew that today wouldn’t be a day to work. Not in the least. So I called in, then left a message with my doctor, and went back to my room to get into some sweatpants and continue drinking more water.

My doctor’s nurse called around 11am. Finally. After some consultation with my doctor, the nurse phones a prescription for Nasonex to Walgreen’s, which I pick up around 5. The prescription is a nasal decongestant, to keep my sinuses from blocking up or draining into my lungs during the day and night. After smoking for 8 years, I’ve forgotten what it was like to not have a stuffy nose, inflamed sinuses. Maybe I can get them back, and soon.

Patrick and I went out for some fast food, which I really needed. This mass consumption of water this week has me getting angrily hungry. And the antibiotic isn’t helping in that regard one bit.

I finally got out of the house. I’m at Mojo’s now, finishing up the last of the reinstallation and just tooling around online. It’s colder than frozen dogshit in here. Feeling kinda heady, buzzing from the decongestant guaifenessin (yes, I’m feeling ‘robo’). So, I think I’ll head home soon.

As for working tomorrow: I don’t know. My sick hours are growing short; I need to hold onto them. But if I go to work, will my bronchitis get worse? I simply don’t know. Anything.

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