Sitting at home at midnight on a Friday night because of a stomach that doesn’t know if it’s sick, nauseous, or plain ol’ upset really, really sucks. I should be out there somewhere, not sitting at my desk at home.

I was doing great all day, and then when I went out to dinner after work it all went downhill from there. Almost had the “stomach squeeze” right there while I was eating. Had to abbreviate my meal. So much for going home, cleaning up, and heading out as soon as I had planned. Hung around the house until 10, then headed out, but once I got settled in at Mojo’s and got to working on the laptop, the sqeeze hit again. Now, four miles away and after a trip to Randall’s for Emetrol, antacids, ginger ale and some ground ginger, I’m at home sitting in my boxers under the coolness of my A/C.

And now, even though I’m no longer sweating bawls, my stomach’s still edgy. And I’m snoozy, to boot. I know my roomate was complaining last night of some stomach twinges, but I guessed it was one of those “bugs” that always float around. I was wondering what it was that we’ve shared in the last week; wasn’t food, dishes, utensils, toothbrushes, barfbags, nothing. Couldn’t think of anything until I remembered, “Aw, shit — we’ve both used the phone!” Shit. Ah well. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve caught something from a fuckin’ phone.

Yep, this is shaping up to be one letdown of a weekend.

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