Emetic Diuretic

touching every nerve on repeat ad infinitum, ad nauseum, ad vertisium straw men on infinite scroll binge and purge, singe and durge the anger, the righteousness, the fearmongering the masturbation we can’t see it i can’t believe it constant waves crashing over my head taking on water, swallowing it all down not wanting to drown […]


Adverb for agreement and consent. Amen. Statement of “so be it”. Amen. Punctuation to a long prayer. Amen. That is the past. These are our hopes. This is our intent. Amen. Please let us move on, dream on, go forward into the dark night. Amen. Pushing to the sunrise of our souls, of our world. […]

Twist and Burn

Dancing in my darkened kitchen to DKMD’s “On the Other Side” at at 12:30am while heavily drunk on whiskey is the best my day has been. I’m busting moves I didn’t think I had. Honestly, I think I feel shitty through the rest of the day because I burn my brain’s dopamine at night when […]