5232 Bad Sectors

On 10/27 at 2:30am, just 30 minutes before I needed to dial in to work to do an important maintenance, my personal computer did the worst thing possible: the hard disk shat its bed and died. Completely gone. Blindingly unreadable. I was sunk. All my data! This machine is mission-control for what I do in […]

Is Life

I never thought I’d say this, but Banco de Gaia is life. Actually, Toby Marks is a decent fella who has a history of making solid music regardless of fanfare. All told, I can totally respect the guy for being out on the fringes. He keeps going. Given my own history of nothingness, I have […]

Awaken Mistaken

How did I get here? By signing my name on the dotted line. Who signed me in? You know who. Fuck that guy. He expected the consequences, but doesn’t want to live with them. Nobody forced him to a consigned life of agitation; he let it happen to himself. Next time I see him, I’ll […]


What about moving back to Arkansas? Why does that sound like a good idea? No, not moving back to Texarkana (never back to Texarkana). Was thinking about it while making my bed tonight. What if? Where? Fayetteville or Hot Springs? And, seriously, how would I make money? I’m so shell-shocked by my current job. Maybe […]