David Cronenberg’s “Crash” (1996, based on the J.G. Ballard book) is a psycho-sexual fetishization of the intensity of an auto accident as orgasmic transformation. Like the BDSM notion of pain meets transhumanism mediated by the devices of Detroit. When my car was totalled on a morning in March of 2014 on my way to work, […]

Until the End

In 1991, German director Wim Wenders released his magnum opus “Until the End of the World“. It is the penultimate road movie. It follows this young woman Claire on her journey from self destruction to finding her purpose to being a saving angel. It shows that we really are connected. The scale of this film […]

More Blue Toys

I’m ever-acquiring more Bluetooth gee-gaws. I’ve been wanting a larger Bluetooth keyboard than what I had for, y’know, stuff, but really was kinda balking at paying more than $50 for something I may or may not use. So, uh, I found this: So far, so good. Space key is a little hard to smack (as are […]