Celluloid Smudges

You know you’re a film buff living in a film town when you can watch an indie film and your experience with the storytelling is diminished because you’re distracted by all the fingerprints of independent films. You’re watching the drama, but in your mind, you’re backtracking and imagining all the location decisions, the directorial compromises, […]

Follow Sprite

In college, I played “Hexxen” on my friends’ computers (“Hexxen” was technologically between “Doom” and “Duke Nukem 3D”). But, instead of playing the game to win, I would end up wandering around the world and following the various environmental elements, such as the random autumn leaf blowing around, until that graphical sprite no longer existed. […]


I hate Facebook as much as I hate many aspects of and activities in my life. The first step would be liberating myself from Facebook, but I still need it. You know, just in case I miss something. It’s the same reason why I keep going to the same coffee shop every goddamn day (sometimes […]


Everything is a symbol Everything means something Everything is a reaction to that which was a reaction immediately before. And here I am, flying in my porcelain teapot over the fields of Orion. From a distance o’er your red grass where you’re Reading holy scripture from your matchbook turned to page 12 Stoking your love, […]