Ill Thrift

When I was in college in that tiny little town in southwest Arkansas, I would sometimes get sick and go see a doctor. One of the few that I could afford was this guy in a small clinic on the other side of town. At the end of the session, he’d check off a preprinted […]

Back Fourty

Follow-up to Set Back: Good news. Doc says the MRI shows I have herniated disks. The stabbing knife in my mid-back is a big herniation, the kind where the disk is bulging out of its space between the vertebrae and pressing against the spinal cord. That’s pretty cool. And I have three smaller bulges in the […]

Set Back

Working through some spine issues. I need a new backbone. Coming up on two weeks of backpain; feels like a crushed disk, pulled muscle, or whatever. Pinched nerve, left shoulder numb. Stabbed in the back feeling. So good. So right. Laid down in an MRI tube this weekend; will know the results shortly. MRI machines […]