So with the recent bombings in Paris, Syria, et cetera, and the anti-Islam radicalism that’s popped up, it seems Texas has shown its own special brand of hate by defacing mosques. I’m against this sort of thing, personally. It’s a hateful act. BUT: I’m an atheist. Normally, I would not give a damn if someone […]

Cold Burn

Getting a lot of Facebook ads to join several of many “burner” groups. I may be friends with many people in the local burner community, but I am not a burner myself. It’s like Facebook doesn’t even know me. For that much, you also don’t know me. Maybe that’s by design. If so, then I […]

Counting the Fish

Life of late is an endless stream of distractions. It’s not just the alerts, alarms, notifications, pop ups, warnings, pokes, winks, tweets, shouts…it’s that due to those, I’m now in a headspace where focus is impossible. I think that is to be my undoing. Our undoing. Thank god I don’t have a television, or nothing […]