Oh, Canada

In lieu of any actual reflections of my vacation to Toronto, Ontario, Canada — my head is still too heavy with maudlin thoughts and emotions — here is a disjointed collection of facts about Toronto in no particular order: Flying to Canada was exciting because it was my first flight on a commercial jet. Now […]


Coffee shop life. I like the drink, but I like the company. Rather, I like the hope of company. What is delivered instead is an ocean of unknown faces and a beachhead of granite; the bulk and masses and swells — a tide of people who I could know but never will know — as […]


What is the worth of unconditional love? It’s worth could be in its ever-presence, in the fact that it’s always available. However, you don’t have to work for it. You don’t have to earn it. You don’t pay anything for it. It’s free. So what is it worth? Something given unconditionally is there when you […]