Red Light Rover

Million-dollar idea: Assemble a set of 8 highly-directional speaker panels (electrostatic phased array type), with a pair positioned in a right angle at each corner of an intersection, high on the pole. The speakers point down at the heads of pedestrians across the street. Instead of indecipherable beeps to alert pedestrians (specifically blind pedestrians) when […]

Back Dat NAS Up

Things I have learned this weekend: mysqldump is an important part of your backup workflow, but be sure to flush. CRON WILLS IT, but only if you incant the ancient prayer with “-e“. NFS root_squash is not a vegetable, but it can turn a capable man into one. ZFS listens to xattr and ACL, but […]

Liberty Dysmorphia

So the eventual fallout with the Supreme Court ruling knocking down state laws that prevent same-sex marriage is that homosexual people can now enjoy the same rights and privileges that straight people have been enjoying for a long time. Yet, in some sections of the country, there is a vociferous yet futile pushback. Some people […]