Inasmuch as I like the variety, there are times when riding this roller coaster is exhausting. Some days, I just want to chew through the restraints and fly off at the next peak. But we know that’s just a bad idea. Better to get off at the station and ride the merry go round instead.

First Principles: Quid Pro Quo

This night rotation has put me into a certain headspace — introspection, extrospection. Luckily, the neurochemicals are lining up and I’m seeing a few things more clearly. Spending an unhealthy amount of time alone, and I’m not too happy about that, but in this conjunction of moments, I’m relearning a few truths about being a […]

Car Windows

Since getting my smartphone, I’ve seen the horror of the mobile web — not the boiled-down, large print version of the web customized for mobile devices with small screens, but the regular web shrunk down to render in tiny fonts on small screens. This is what happens when site designers don’t update their HTML and […]

Graveyard Bailout

When I am on graveyard shift rotation, I cannot help but feel bankrupt. Socially, mentally, physically, spiritually bankrupt. Haven’t even started my first shift yet (that’s tonight), but with the black plastic over my windows, I miss the sun already. My sleep is either too long or too short. Feast or famine, and nothing in […]