Push Up and Twist

Effective June 1, I am promoted at work to Tier 3 technical support. This is a good and bad thing. Good in that I get more pay and more capabilities in the datacenter. Bad in that I have more responsibilities and will be in the on-call rotation. I should be happy about it. Really, I […]


Last night, I was walking down the hipster end of Sixth Street, just had a hipster slice of pizza at a hipster pizzeria, and then a hipster bird on a hipster sign shat on my hipster beard. It was magical.

Bottled Up

Due to a recent health issue, my doctor told me I had to stop drinking, give my body a rest. It’s not that I’m addicted (I’m not), it’s that I’m habitual. When there’s a bottle in my house, of course I’ll have some shots before bed. But I’ve been doing this daily — for the […]