Domicile Destination

Conundrum: stay in current apartment, sign a 12-month lease extension for the same rent stay in current apartment, sign a 6-month lease extension for $50 more move within a month into not-shitty apartment for roughly $100 more (at current market value) on a (hypothetically) better 1BR apartment in this area. Hmm.


I read a blog article written by Some Guy On the Internet who was performing an experiment. Instead of clicking “Like” on articles, statuses, and comments his friends posted, he would withhold clicking and, instead, would make actual comments if the urge warranted. What he found is that his Facebook experience became more human, less […]

Angry Distance

I absolutely hate musicals. They’re always uncomfortable. Same as if someone is singing and they’re singing directly at me: I have no idea how to handle it. But after 13 years, I finally took the opportunity to rent the 2001 gender-bending musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”. Dammit, this is a good musical. Dammit. There’s […]