The horse I ride in on is a 14-year-old Honda Civic with 147,000 miles. It is completely bought and paid for, and completely mine. And it has problems: old mare problems. I’ve been having issues where my transmission was taking too long to shift between gears when the engine is cold. For a year, I […]


Now here’s a pleasant surprise: Amazon Instant has a copy of the Georges Méliès 1902 classic film “A Trip to the Moon” fully restored with special soundtrack by the French electronic music duo Air. This 16-minute film was shot in black and white in Méliès’ studio with practical effects, intricately detailed sets, doubled film exposure, and […]


Do you know what I miss? I miss the headspace I could afford without a screen constantly in front of my face. Sometimes i remember my early 20’s before always-on communications, when I could sit in my room for hours and write, read, build, craft, think, dream the big dreams. The world outside was just […]