Meddi O Crity

Had a passing chat with an old friend earlier tonight, discussing recent projects and whatnot, reflecting on the week’s happenings to justify resting for the weekend. Having nothing myself to compare against his busy week, I said something like this: “I can’t match that. Not much going on. I’m just maintaining homeostasis, see. I am […]


It was at that moment that the concept, the essence, the idea of the physical phenomenon known as my face began to submerge under the waves of pain, ripples flowing in reverse toward the impact of the pebble, the balled mass of flesh and bone with a torso behind it to lend the weight of […]

To-Do Lists

Things I did this weekend: Picked up some parts from the Honda dealer, got some much-needed tools to add to my collection, and replaced a plastic cap on my engine valve casing that’s been leaking oil for the past 2 years. It was an easy repair, but had a high risk of going bad (which […]